Final Expense for $9.95 per month or under $.35 cents per day

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If you’ve seen the TV advertising from Colonial Penn for Final Expense FIXED PRICE for $9.95 per month – per unit – you may wonder how those units work, how much benefit you actually get in a “unit”, so you can select how many units of insurance you want.

For example, OUR plans cost as low as $0.25 or 25 cents per similar “unit”:

  • Age 50: $0.25 per day, per unit ($7.49/mo) = $2,000 Benefit per 1 unit
  • However, if you get two units, the total is only $15.53 monthly therefore cost per unit lowers to $7.76 per month, or $3.88 per $1,000 of benefit (this is for Female, age 50). The “unit” measurement can get complicated, with different unit rates for female and male, and different unit amount for each age group.

How many “units” of coverage do you need? Or even simpler, how much total Final Expense benefit will your family need, to cover your funeral and final expenses?


Our rates start at $7.49 per month

($7.49 rate is for $2,000 benefit for Female, non-smoker age 50, good health)


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