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Life insurance from $6.96/mo 

If you’re between the ages 18 to 90, you may choose from one of the three options from OpenCare Senior Plans (or any combination of these): TERM LIFE (ages 18-75), GUARANTEED ISSUE LIFE (ages 25-85), and FINAL EXPENSE WHOLE LIFE (ages 18-90). Term coverage is temporary (10, 20 or 30 years) while the whole life (including Guaranteed Issue) is LIFETIME coverage.
Each option is available based on age, state, smoking habits and current health, but ultimately YOU CAN’T BE DENIED COVERAGE – worst case scenario even if your health is not good, you still qualify for a Guaranteed Issue plan (ages 25-85).

RATES ARE FIXED for the duration of the policy! 

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Benefits available up to $50,000 for lifetime coverage whole life, or $500,000 for temporary TERM life (10-20 years coverage). The more benefit you get, the cheaper per $1,000.

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Most plans DON'T require a medical exam, but some will ask about health history (except for Guaranteed issue which has no medical questions).
Rates may be slightly lower or higher depending on health, total amount of coverage needed, state of residence. Once a policy is purchased, rates are FIXED for the life of policy (lifetime for final expense whole life, lifetime for guaranteed issue, or 10/15/20 years for term life).

ⓘ By law, a licensed insurance representative is required to assist in purchasing of life insurance by telephone, email, online or in person, so you'll be contacted by one of our licensed advisors to help you with your insurance needs.


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