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Voicemail: “Hi, I’m Deirdre with Open Care, you contacted us about final expense life insurance. You can reach me at 239-963-7447  and I’ll be happy to help you get the lowest rate and start coverage to protect your family. Again, the phone number is 239-963-7447Talk to you soon!

“Hi, I’m  Deirdre  with OpenCare. I have your request for Final Expense Life Insurance – is this for yourself or someone else?

Let’s check your rates.  (get STATE, SMOKER status, DOB/age)

You can’t be denied no matter what health conditions you have, but the rate may be different if you have some major health issues.

I’ll give you the lowest rates, but if you have any health issues, your rates may be different. But don’t worry, no matter what – you can’t be denied coverage.

The lowest rates for a $5,000 benefit are … (see rates)


Let’s start coverage to protect yourself and your family – submit an application today. An underwriter will review your application and when approved you’ll receive a policy in about a week.

Fill out the APPLICATION



Who are we?

We are an agency/ network of insurance brokers (in business for 18+ years), we only work with A+ RATED insurance companies who are financially stable and have been around for 100+ years (Mutual of Omaha, Globe, AIG American General, Gerber Life etc). We will match you with the lowest monthly rates available, for final expense life insurance plans.


This is WHOLE LIFE coverage, which does not have an expiration date (unlike Term), and RATES ARE FIXED for life (you lock-in the rate at your current age).

What’s the difference between FINAL EXPENSE and WHOLE LIFE?

There is no difference, it’s the same thing: a WHOLE LIFE policy under $50,000 is usually named “Final Expense” coverage for marketing purposes.

When does my policy start?

Coverage starts when you make the first premium payment.

Is there a waiting period?

Only if you have some major health issues, otherwise you have DAY-1 coverage: you get the policy today, if something happens to you tomorrow / get hit by a bus – then your beneficiary receives full benefit.

If your health is NOT good, you may have a “waiting period” of 2 years: if you pass due to an illness or natural causes in the first 2 years, benefit paid equals ALL PREMIUMS PAID + 10% interest – so there’s no loss. If you pass due to an ACCIDENT even in the first 2 years, FULL BENEFIT is payable. Death due to ANY cause after the initial 2 policy years will pay FULL BENEFIT.

Can I increase benefit later?

Yes, you’ll have to answer same questions again at that time.

How much does a funeral cost? I only need enough so my family can take care of funeral

Cremation + service costs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, and burial from $8,000 to $15,000. If you want to leave some additional benefit to your family, you can get a larger benefit amount in the same policy and it will go to your beneficiary.

Do you guys pay the funeral expenses?

No, the beneficiary receives the check/ full benefit and they can use the funds for any expenses they feel necessary. If any balance remains, they can keep or use it for any purpose.