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Voice message: “Hi, I’m Chris with OpenCareSeniors, you requested information on final expense life insurance, you can reach me at 239-300-1614 (321) 222-9443 and I’ll be happy to help you get rates and start coverage. Again, the phone number is _____________ (321) 222-9443. Thank you, and talk to you soon!

“Hi, I’m  Chris  with OpenCareSeniors. You requested information on Final Expense Life Insurance – is this for yourself or someone else?

Let’s check the rates.
What state do you/they reside in? (note: NY has different rates than other of states)

Do you smoke?

What is your/their age?

You can’t be denied, no matter what health conditions you have, but the rate may be different, depending on health history. What can you tell me about the health? (major health issues may have a different rate: heart, cancer, liver/kidney issues, lungs/COPD). What PRESCRIPTION MEDS are you taking? Reason? When diagnosed? Is the condition controlled?

I’ll give you the lowest rates, an underwriter will have to approve your rates after they review your health history, but no matter what – you can’t be denied coverage (if age 85 or younger).

The lowest rates for a $5,000 benefit are … (see rates)


Are you ready to start coverage today? An underwriter may need to review your application and if approved you’ll receive a policy in 7 business days, or max two weeks from your first payment.

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